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woman shoots at two boys attacking her with bricks but she is not facing charges pp even though one of those boys was wounded in the shooting. good afternoon, i'm steve sanders. >> iewm allison payne. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america. wgn's nancy loo has been following the story and joins us live outside the woman's home in the south shore neighborhood. >> reporter: well, as you might guess, this incident is the talk of the neighborhood and residents are split. some are siding with the woman who open fire on two yuck children while other -- young children and others say she
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took things too far. regardless, chicago police are siding with her. the 68-year-old elderly widow who lived alone in this small home is staying behind closed doors today. and through a friend she is requesting privacy. >> she is emotionally distraught. she doesn't want to talk. she wants to try to find a way to take care of the damage that the children caused. >> indeed, windows are broken and loose bricks are on her property. she told police the 12 and 13- year-old boys now charged had broken her windows and returned later to throw bricks at her. that's when she pulled out a gun and opened fire hitting the 12-year-old in the arm. neighbors say the same boys had been vandalizing her property for over a year. >> i think yesterday was just kind of a tipping point from what i understand they were in her back yard throwing bricks at her window and i mean there is really nothing else you can do. you have to protect your property. >> but those who know the 12- year-old said to be a
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neighborhood terror claim he is not a bad child and the elderly woman should be charged. >> i do not like that she was not charged for that because she an old lady and that was first time in their back yard whatever. >> some parents are concerned about neighbors opening fire on children. >> maybe he has done stuff in the past around here, what child hasn't. you take your gun and shoot a child and if the police couldn't do, it call the police back. >> we are told the woman had called police a number of times due to the vandalism. the 12-year-old was treated and released for a gunshot wound to the shoulder. he and his friend are each charged with aggravated assault to a senior citizen. live in the south shore community, nancy loo, wgn news. we thank you for that report. closing arguments are underway in the trial two of women accused of planning the horrific acid attack that left
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a chicago woman scarred for life. wgn's julian crews is live at cook county criminal court. hello, julian. >> good afternoon. lawyers for the accused electing not to put on a defense. awfully difficult to refute the powerful testimony from the victim who has been left with permanent physical and emotional scars. >> they had to pay and that's what justice is all about. they have to have -- the words which is the maximum for what they did. >> reporter: espiranza meden expects a conviction today. the 50-year-old burn victim has suffered through 17 skin graph surgeries as a result of a 2008 acid attack. on the stand yesterday, medina told jurors the story of what happened to her during a logan square ambush. police say the brutal attack was engineered by two cicero women. ofelia garcia and her former daughter-in-law, maria olvera
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garcia. the women are accused of recruiting teenagers to carry out the acid attack. three teens have pleaded guilty to juvenile charges. they have been cooperating with investigators in the prosecution of ophelia and maria garcia. prosecutors say the women were angry with medina because a long time mutual boyfriend broke up with both of the garcia women and had taken up with medina. after her emotional testimony yesterday, medina talked about the burden she will carry the rest of her life. >> this type of crime should not be tolerated. and these are the scars that people get, probably worse and hurts and will be for life. >> the two accused women have remained stoic for much of this trial, not showing any emotion whatsoever. ofelia garcia and maria olvera garcia face heinous battery charges if found guilty they could face up to 45 years in prison. their fate will soon be in the
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hands of the jury. the victim saying she expects a quick deliberation. at 26 and california, julian crews, wgn news. thank you. the man who provided gun that killed a depaul university student has been convicted of murder. the man admits he provided a loaded gun to a fellow gang member last halloween. police say that the gang member shot and killed francisco valencia because he was kicked out of a party. the man says he didn't know the gun would be used in a murder but prosecutors say he was with the shooter at the time of the killing. and convicted of battery for wounding another person. and police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who struck and killed a woman in far north suburban long grove. the 66-year-old woman was walking near route 53 and route 83 when she was killed early today. she was pronounced dead at con dale hospital in libertyville. her name has not been released. anyone who saw the accident is asked to call the lake county
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sheriff's office. senate candidate aleksei giannoulias says he left his family bank in 2005. the "chicago tribune" discovered he got a major tax break by telling the irs he continued working at that bank until 2006. in campaign speeches and other materials, giannoulias says he left his executive job at his family owned broadway bank on the north side in 2005 as he campaigned for his job as illinois treasure. but irs documents show he stayed on until may 2006. after the bank made some controversial loans. by claiming earnings from that year, giannoulias was able to pocket a $2.7 million personal tax deduction last year when the bank collapsed. >> on the campaign trail and on his website and everywhere he says i left in 2005 and gives him this maximum distance if you will from some of the problems including a controversial loan in february of 2006 with tony rezko that he said i didn't know anything about. we don't -- doesn't say he does know anything about it but was
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still working there and $2.7 million tax deduction allows him to prove that. >> giannoulias says no inconsistency in his resume'. insists he was not involved in the bank's day to day decisions during his final months there and giannoulias spokesman adds aleksei paid his taxes properly. giannoulias has called out his republican opponent for several discrepancies in his resume' and a short time ago his opponent mark kirk released a statement about these new revelations by the trbben. kirk says a lot of unanswered questions. aleksei giannoulias says he did not work at bank to dodge tony rezko but now he did work at the bank to avoid paying taxes. he can't have it both ways. lawyers for former ton times publisher conrad black are in federal court at this hour argue to have his conviction thrown out. black was released from prison two months ago pending a decision on his appeal. he served two of his six and a half year prison sentence for defrauding hollinger international. prosecutors accuse black of
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breaking the honest services law. but the u.s. supreme court limited the scope of that law in june. now it's up to the appeals court to decide whether or not to overturn black's conviction. chicago plans to hold its first police examine entrance exam in four years. officials want that examine so they can fail manpower shortage in the department. that's because a wave of early retirements is making the problem worse. the city is now having four independent vendors compete to administer the new exam. that firm will provide exam materials and grade the test. chicago alderman says you should not need a college education to become a police officer. chicago plans to hold an entrance exam for new police recruits but anyone who wants to be an officer has to first to complete at least two years of college. ninth ward alderman anthony beal says city should drop that rule. beal says that would level the playing field for minorities who can't afford college.
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the college requirement was first imposed after a corruption scandal in 1997. if you own a home in cook county you won't get your property tax bills until thanksgiving. retiring assessor james houlihan blames joseph barrios the tax appeal board member running to succeed him. houlihan says bareious slowed appeals process intentionally. barrios blames houlihan for not completing assessment on time. last year it was delivered a month early. coming up next on the midday news, doctors hold former president carter for a second night of observations at an ohio hospital. two officers and suspected gunman are wounded in a shooting at another u.s. hospital. >> and good news for city commuters, why chicago ranks so well on a new commuter study. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
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two officers were hit and a suspect was critically injured in a shooting at cryten university medical sent in omaha, nebraska, this morning. hospital remains on partial lockdown. shooting occurred inside the hospital but specific location was not given. investigators were checking to see if the suspect was connected to an incident tuesday night. former president jimmie carter will spend another night in the hospital. he was rushed to the hospital after becoming hill on a flight. hospital spokesman would not say whether carter's condition has worsened since he was admitted. carter's medical team continues to observe him and he is in good spirits. president carter former president is in the middle of a book tour promoting his book white house diary. jury selection is getting underway in new york in the first trial of -- or the trial
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of the first guantanamo bay detainee to be tried in civilian court. a test case in the debate over whether suspects who have been scooped up in the war against terrorism can be prosecuted like everyone else. authorities describe the defendant as a bomb maker, a document forger and a former aide to osama bin laden. he is charged with conspiring to kill americans in the 1998 bombings of two u.s. embassies in africa. a senate committee is holding a hearing on bp's role in the release of the lockerbie bomber. a well-known official will not be witness. outgoing bpceo will not testify at the foreign relations committee hearing. now, this panel is looking into whether bp pushed for the release of bomber to help get a $900 million exploration agreement with libya. scotland released the bomber on compassionate grounds. he served eight years of a life sentence for the 1988 bombing
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of a pan am jet that killed 259 people. intelligence officials have intercepted what they say is a credible terror plot against britain and france. the threat came as eiffel tower in paris was evacuated for the second time in two weeks. like the scare on september 14, someone phoned in a bomb threat against the landmark last march. french officials have been put on alert for possible terror attacks and british authorities say they known for weeks about plans for an attack. 100,000 protestors from 30 different countries are expected in brus sls today -- brussels today. they are part of a organized union protest taking place in cities across europe. members of the european trade union are angry over government spending cuts. they want plans for more jobs in the economic growth. etuc includes trade unions from 36 countries with more than 60 million member's rallies are planned in at least 11 countries today including
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spain, italy, ireland and france. next the epa plan to crack down on illegal dumping and they want your help. later in medical watch, does your mouth wash do what it promises? the false claims some rinses are making. >> in lunch break, we are making hot and sour soup with a friend of the midday show. [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older
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just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies? [ glass shatters ] more passion for the one you love? more fun with your family and friends? it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone, or low t. c'mon, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. i'm bloomberg angie lau live at the cme group this chawchg southwest airlines head down the runway, travel analysts tell bloomberg news the acquisition might be bad news for consumers. over time they say fares could go up as another low fare cometter is eliminated and merged air carrier works to make up for costs of 3 to $500
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million to integrate the two airlines. meanwhile, chicago based boeing flying high in trading today. this after the plane maker received a pentagon contract to build more than 120 faa fighter jets valued at $5.3 billion and cuts aircraft costs boeing contract allows it to gain more profit sharing any overruns with the government. all right, from planes to automobiles, electric automobiles to be exact. general motors is getting ready to unflood the chevy volt and embark on 3400 mile cross country drive. the caravan of volts will drive through cities on the west coast and cross country to hit d.c., new york and chicago in november. the idea is to show car buyers that the electric volt is able to drive long distances without having to stop to recharge. lastly, facebook planning to make a very good friend in skype.
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according to all things digital, sources close to the situation say facebook and skype are poised to announce a significant and wide ranging partnership that would allow facebook users 500 million of them use skype to call facebook friends and video chat. right now on wall street, we seen stocks fluctuate all day today. but right now mostly lower and this is because of concerns in europe over the debt crisis. but we were seeing hewlett- packard's better than estimated forecast offsetting that a little bit. live at the cme group in chicago, angie lau, bloomberg news. you know, it may not seem like to but new study finds chicago commuters spend less time in rush-hour than residents in other metropolitan cities. the report by the nonprofit group ceos for cities says chicagoans spend 40 fewer hours a year in rush-hour travel. that's because chicago does a better job of creating mixed use neighborhoods where housing
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is close to work and schools. accessible sidewalks and bicycle lanes are a factor. other studies consistently named chicago as one of the most congested cities in the nation. authors say that research is not account for travel distance. illinois epa cracking down on illegal dumping and looking to stop people from businesses from ditching junk in places where it shouldn't be. >> wgn's robert jordan has a story from south suburban markham. >> this area near 160 and dixie highway in markham has been a huge dump and junk yard for as long as anyone around here can remember. then last easter a huge fire broke out burning the tires and the trucks and trailers that were in here sending thick black smoke up into the area causing state officials to finally take notice. >> which occurred as a result of some environmental mishaps over a number of years in our community. >> yairl photos show just how
12:21 pm
large the markham dump was. covering several acres in the far south suburbs. people living in the area all of their lives remember seeing this location which was then an unincorporated cook county used as an unauthorized dump. >> sites such as this one can pose multipd of physical, chemical biological and safety hazards that can potentially contaminate ground water and can cause injuries to neighborhood children and as we have seen at this site can cause massive fires releasing toxic chemicals into the air. >> now, officials are launching a statewide open dumping prevention initiative starting with this newly cleaned up site in markham. >> with the budget shortfall and the cutbacks we have we need the citizens to let us know if they see something and people that are hauling stuff going down rural roads and country roads and areas behind buildings and let us know ahead of time get out there and make that enforcement effort. the area here is mostly
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clean now. but state officials say they are depending on help from the public to alert them when they see someone illegally dumping garbage. in markham, robert jordan, wgn news. coming up next, we will talk with the daughter of the late comedian bernie mac about a very special event taking place this weekend. and being passed across the country. now new findings that those who text while driving may not prevent accidents. >> and the chicago chamber choir opens its 15th season next month. we are happy to have a choir performing for us today. [ male announcer ] do you have questions about medicare?
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his wit and comedic timing were unmatchable. bernie mac was a local legend, national legend and now his daughter is helping to remember him and educate people about the disease tatook his life. joining me now is the daughter of bernie mac. welcome. i'm so glad to see you here. this is my adopted sister. we are both only children. >> feels my pain. >> we need siblings. tell everybody about the event this saturday october 2. >> i'm so excited. thank god. it's finally here after all these months of preparation. this is what we hope to be our first annual black and white ball which will take place at the peninsula on saturday
12:26 pm
october 2. and we just want to raise money for research to find that cure that is so desperately needed. >> we want to point out that you are working with conjunction with the organization. >> the foundation for sarkdoussis research. ssr. we decided to partner with them because they are the premier organizations. >> out front. >> for research. so we are so happy to be partner with them. >> who is going to be there tonight other than the two of us and your mom. >> we are going to have joe torre and sherry shepherd as our emcees. chicago's own tony scofield and wilburn will provide comedy. we will have classical him hop vileoenest. they may remember him from making the band last season. and we also have so, so excited michelle will be closing out the evening. it's going to be a lots of fun. >> it will be. and this is really been because i was blessed to work on the committee with you guys and
12:27 pm
it's been such a family affair. i've gotten to know you better and your mom better and you're wonderful aunt marion who is running the organization. >> our executive director. >> she is a hoot and a holler. and tell me tell you, if you think that bernie mac was funny, trust me, it passed on. this woman, she can perform. she can perform. i told her to emcee the event. you are very, very good. >> your mom tells a joke really well when she recollects on things that happened. a great story teller. >> the kings of comedy. great, great stories smed that's what you ought to do that routine saturday night. >> we have stories. we have plenty of stories. >> but it's such a blessing to be able to look back on the life ever your dad and all he did for the city of chicago. such a down to earth man. i only got a chance to meet him
12:28 pm
and interview him once. >> that was enough. >> that was enough. >> met him once, you knew him. he had a gift of making you feel like you had known him his entire life. >> this was a major star. getting ready to make a movie with george clooney and brad pitt and just down to earth. >> i got to tell you, one time one of my colleagues met your dad and he got scared. he also had that ability as well. not naming any names. i can't wait. and we have a reduced price. >> yes, we do. we have a reduced price for the concert portion of evening at 1:25 and tickets can be purchased from our website at www.bernie mac be sure to show up. chicagoans you guys all love bernie mac so much. come out and show your support for this family. >> honor him and do a good thing at the same time. >> black and white ball takes place october 2 at the peninsula hotel. that's right. they are going high end. go to the website to purchase
12:29 pm
tickets. donations are always accepted. and can be made on the web is the. and when we come back, jim ramsey will have your weather forecast. stay with us. now i will tell you who it was. hey, pete. yeah, it's me, big brother. put the remote down and listen. this intervention brought to you by niaspan. so you cut back on the cheeseburgers and stopped using your exercise bike as a coat rack. that's it? you're done? i don't think so. you told me your doctor's worried about plaque clogging your arteries - what did he call it...coronary artery disease. that cholesterol medicine he also wants you on - niaspan? i looked it up online. hey, pete, you waiting for an engraved invitation? if you have high cholesterol and coronary artery disease, and diet and exercise are not enough, niaspan, along with diet and a bile acid-binding resin, is fda-approved not only to slow down plaque buildup but to actually help clear
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71 degrees was our high temperature but the cloudiness of the morning yesterday dissipated allowing the sun to come in and we really didn't have much wind to speak of. temperatures rose above 70 and today it looks like we will be four or five degrees warmer than that. in fact there may be some of you watching from the far south suburbs who may see a
12:32 pm
temperature as high as say 77 or even 78 degrees. it's already 74 degrees down in st. louis. look at the time lapse pictures. just absolutely gorgeous day in chicago. a lot of blue sky out there. winds not really much of an issue. a little gusty at times but frankly not much concern. you are looking at near perfect day around the city. we are at 69 degrees right now. plenty of hot air down to the south and, of course, out in the western states they continue to bake out there and they may have some more record high temperatures today. but the cool air up in canada is waiting and it's going to come into the chicago area. in fact, the cold front, the leading edge of that cold air is expected to make its way to chicago tonight around midnight. but the main chunk of cold air that is coldest air will wait until the weekend. temperatures across the entire area at this hour very comfortable. and there is not much moisture around. dew point temperatures as you see in the 40s across the area so it's a good day to get out
12:33 pm
and enjoy some sunshine and very mild temperatures. there is the wind picture. notice the winds coming out of the south. they will come out of the south, southwest most of the afternoon. but shift around to the northwest overnight tonight as that cold front comes through the area. temperature forecast, there is the milder air. that front the cold air begins to invade the chicago area. and it looks like this weekend we will see day time high temperatures just in the 50s and possibly some 30s chilly. there is a hot air continuing to build out in the western states. but we were thinking that maybe by the weekend the western states also may get a brief break from all of that intense heat they have experienced. there are some weather watches and warnings in effect. these are flood warnings on the east coast. a lot of heavy rain expected in that area. notice already rain coming down from virginia out through parts of new jersey.
12:34 pm
even maryland, north carolina, areas hard hit earlier this week with some very heavy rain and over the weekend that's associated with a frontal boundary. notice also florida picking up plenty of rain. more than six inches in brevard county. yesterday. but the rain coming down in cuba is associated with tropical storm nicole. a tropical depression we had been watching has been discovered to contain tropical storm force winds. and so has been given the name nicole. there were some tropical storm watches and warnings in effect for parts of florida but those have been dropped because the track apparently is going to shift to the east and will continue to watch that storm very, very closely. interesting system. now our forecast. for the remainder of the afternoon we are looking at bright sunshine. good warming and soft breezes. southwest at 5 to 12. high temperature 73 to about 77. for tonight, mostly clear skies. looks like a beautiful night.
12:35 pm
53 to 56 degrees. winds shifting to the northwest. a cloud of sun mix expected for thursday. mild temperatures. breezes picking up a bit out of the north at 10 to 18 but a high in the 70s still and then for friday we fall back a bit in the 60s. partly cloudy. winds dying down just a little bit byby friday. but as i say the main chunk of cold air is due in over the weekend with temperatures mostly in the 50s with overnight low temperatures cold enough to require maybe an extra blanket saturday and sunday. we will talk about that a bit more coming up in the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you. here is our trivia question today from what plant does natural vanilla flavoring come from? is it roses? orchids or honey suckle? the answer still ahead on the wgn midday news.
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hey guys. jennifer hudson here. when it came to losing weight before weight watchers, my world was can't. can't eat this. can't do that. can't lose weight. but on weight watchers i can. weigh less than i did in high school. can. stand here not suckin' in a thing. sure can. lose weight, learn to keep it off, and feel lighter and liberated in so many ways. i can. i did. i am. and you can too. and you can join for free. weight watchers. because it works.
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those 3-0 bears are getting ready to head east for sunday night's game against the new york giants. strong start along with beating two of the toughest teams in the nfc have given them national attention. this after many experts say the bears would struckthal year. players aren't letting all of the attention go to their heads. it's still early in the season with much room to improve. >> this is far from over. there are teams that are 0-3 right now and still have a great chance of making the playoffs. we understand that. is that tough game we will go one by one. start 3-g-0 with some of the teams we played in those environments. i think you can take a lot of positives from. as we said, there are 13 more weeks it could go a lot of different directions and we have to make sure that we have done up to this point that we continue to do and more. >> and still playing baseball.
12:39 pm
cubs and padres tied at two. alfonso oriano puts cubs up 4- 2. two innings later with no one on, home run number 24. cubs win 5-2. sox came back from three down against boston. one run game in the eighth when paul konerko doubles in lillibridge to tie it. then in the ninth, there is a single in juan pierre to win it 5-4 the final and that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next.
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but my allergies put me in a fog. so now, i'm claritin clear! claritin works great on all my allergies like dust, mold, pollen, or pets without making me drowsy, cause i want to be alert around this big guy. live claritin clear. indoors and out. car accidents leading cause of death for teens and now a big push to get congress to pass new national guidelines to make streets safer for teen drivers by upping the age. both illinois and indiana in those states teens can apply for license at 16.
12:44 pm
sandra endo is in washington with details. >> tougher regulations on teen drivers. that's the debate being posed to congress when it comes to keeping teens safe behind the wheel. advocates say there should be federal standards not different ones to determine by each state. >> makes very clear sense. if you know something is working at loidle level, you take federal action to encourage everybody around the country to take steps that can save lives. advocates want a national graduated driver's licensing program which would give young drivers more privileges behind the wheel in phases. first a learners permit at 16 years old to learn how to drive with supervision. then an intermediate level after passing road tests but prohibits night time driving. and then a full license. >> i myself am a 16-year-old driver. for teenagers, safe driving isn't as simple as taking away a cell phone. new teen drivers face other
12:45 pm
risks. like driving with other teens as passengers. and driving unsupervised at night. >> some parents say it will make their job easier to stop kids from risky driving behavior. bill walter lost his only son to a car crash. >> parents don't have to be the bad guys when they say no, you can't take your friends in the car. no, you can't drive late at night. >> despite the emotional pleas there is no time frame as to if and when the proposed legislation would move through congress. in washington, i'm sandra endo. in medical watch, a victory for supporters of stem cell research. federal appeals court says federal funding of embryonic stem cell research can continue for now. a lawsuit challenges government funding of the research and a federal judge issued an order blocking it. the obama administration argues that stopping research while the case proceeds would harm
12:46 pm
scientific progress toward potentially life saving medical treatment. but critics say government funded stem cell research violates ban on using federal money for embryo destruction. swine flu poses no threat this year to the u.s. health officials reported most people are now immune to the virus after last year's pandemic and also this season's flu shots include a vaccine for the h1n1 virus. approximately 60% of the population is immune. this doesn't mean the virus is completely gone. those not immune are still susceptible. those younger than age 55 are the most susceptible and are urged to get the seasonal shot. and the fda says mouth wash that claims to remove plaque and prevent gum disease is making false claims. cvs, walgreens and johnson and johnson which makes listerine had been warned by the food and drug administration to relabel their products. didn't we go with this before
12:47 pm
with listerine? >> i can't remember. >> the mouthwash contain sodium flouride which does prevent cavities but does not remove plaque or gum disease. the companies are reviewing the fda warnings. i remember maybe it was the 70s or something listerine got in trouble for curing everything. something help me out here. fall is here and time for a great soup recipe. coming up next, we are making hot and sour soup. stay with us. more live musethic midday from the chicago chamber choir. ♪ [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever.
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it is time for a lunch break. we have a lot of things going on here right now. we were making hot and sour soup with friends of the midday show. good to see you. this might be right on time. >> just a little bit higher. temperature up. we were ready for the chicken. use chicken, pork and also tofu and bamboo chutes carrots and mushrooms. >> they have been here boiling or simmering. >> and then we will add some of the red pepper. and soy sauce. i will add some rice vinegar. and also some -- >> you want all this. is this sugar? >> you want all of it. >> chili powder it's not very much.
12:51 pm
looks a lot but it's not. we just -- we will use starch to thicken it. i have some water and also corn starch. and then we will just add it in so it's going to be thicken very quickly. so we want to make sure that move this. all the starch won't become a lump. >> don't want it lumpy. now i don't know you like it very thick. i don't want very thick to like gravy. >> you have these other dishes. >> orange chick within my low sodium. no msg sauce and also the next one is kumpoa. >> did you bring white rice to go with that? >> this time i forgot. >> that's okay. >> anyway, so the sauce has a recipe on the label and cooking
12:52 pm
on the website. it's very, very easy for people to make it at home. >> i hear that. then-- you don't have to use choppistics -- chop sticks. just use a fork and then move this along so it won't become a big lump. it will be all pretty. beautiful. >> it is beautiful. >> very easy. and then we will add a little bit sesame oil. a little bit -- this goes a long way. flavor is strong. it tastes good and you like the green onions? i chop them fine. put some green onions and that's it. >> you know what? steve sanders, you could have immediate this dish. looks really good. >> it's good and especially for this weather. people get it and this is a great soup to have. >> i will add some right after the news today. for more information on this
12:53 pm
recipe and many others check out the cooking the information will also be available on our website, i will take some of that chicken home with me and make my own rice. don't worry about it. feeling back pain?
12:54 pm
dr. scholl's back pain relief orthotics with shockguard technology give you immediate relief that lasts all day long.
12:55 pm
dr. scholl's. visit our facebook page to save $3. from what plant does natural vanilla flavoring come from? roses? orchids or honey suckle? the answer is orchids. the vanilla bean is actually the fruit of an orchid. >> learn something new every day. and that listerine thing, they did have trouble in the 70s. >> before i start with the weather for this next seven days i want to tell you the indonesian meteorological and geophysics agency reported a shallow earthquake with 7.4 preliminary magged in fearing it does have the potential for producing a tsunami in that region. it may be something we watch.
12:56 pm
some question about the magnitude. we have a mold count which is not at all unfavorable. few areas there. you can see in the moderate category. generally the air is good out there today. seven-day forecast, look at these numbers. we have high expected today in the mid-70s. we could probably top 70 tomorrow depending on the speed in which the cold air invaded chicago area. but over the weekend look at those temperatures. we fall back to the 50s for highs. and it is possible both saturday and sunday evening we could see our temperatures drop into the 30s probably the best chance will be saturday night into sunday with temperatures maybe mid- to upper 30s possible. we will continue to monitor that. but you can see temperatures briefly warming up toward the end of the seven-day period. fire up the furnace later in the week. thank you for joining us today. >> you all have a great afternoon. we were back at 5:00 and 9:00. we will leave you with more from the chicago chamber choir. ♪[ music ]
12:57 pm
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